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OPK history
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Raising Hope

Stage of enlightenment of Product development, Mr. Xu Chao
handmade the first set of product of sliding roller, it is 
a breakthrough and leading the way in this industry. 
This unprecedented product achieves national patent and 
widely recognized in the market.


Factory was founded in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province. 
And started to establish its own sales channels and 
realized industrialized production gradually.

Sparks of fire

In order to expand market share, the company has set up 
offices in Chongqing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Xi’an, and Beijing. 
The number of employees reached more than 70 people, 
under the joint efforts of the team, sales performance 
promoted rapidly. “Chaofan”brand Products sold 
throughout the country.

Conquer new journey

With the development of industry and Upgrade of products 
process, OPK factory moved from Chengdu City to Xiaolan 
Town, Zhongshan City, where is equipped with complete 
industrial facilities. Products also updated from bare 
bearing to bearing covered with plastic roller. Finishing 
improve from paint processing to electroplating, oxidation 
and other processing. Products become more quiet, smooth 
and durable with the application of new technology.

Persistent hard work

To expand and upgrade company products line, our products 
expand from hanging roller for decoration projects and 
bottom weight support roller for furniture to sliding 
rollers for cabinets. New products exhibited in Guangzhou 
International Building Decoration Fair and Shanghai 
International Building and Construction Trade Fair at 
first time, helped to promote market awareness and 
established good cooperation with more enterprises.

Eye on the World

Along with the rise of customize wardrobe industry, OPK 
from producing hanging sliding rollers to cabinet sliding 
rollers, and became the first factory who produce cabinet 
sliding rollers in Guangdong Province. OPK has gain the 
first national patent of adjustable function of up roller 
for cabinets. At the same year, OPK adjusted its 
marketing strategy and decided to move on to foreign 
trade, motivated to expand global markets.

Grow and flourish

According to the requirement of the development of this 
industry, OPK instituted facilities of Injection molding 
machines, punching machines; mold processing equipments, 
production capacity growth rapidly, the sales volume of 
cabinets sliding rollers is the No. 1 in China.

Preliminary success

Along with the Increase of sales, products line Extend 
again to hardware for double glazed doors, folding 
partition doors. OPK yet now become the solution 
provider of all aspects in the industry with the most 
kind of products and the largest enterprise scale

Continuing success 

With the successful registration of the trademark, OPK 
has become the logo of the sliding roller with damper. 
At the same year, project of OPK Brand is planning, the 
launch of OPK Brand marked that an epochal landmark of 
the industry of sliding roller of China was born.

Challenge new heights

OPK expanded plant scale once again, the employees was up to 
500, plant area was up to more than 10,000 square meters, we 
launched our OPK brand officially in this year, from then on, 
OPK created the sliding system in reality in hardware industry.

Damping Family

OPK take the lead in bringing out Sliding damping system which 
realized specialization, diversity and systematic in product range, 
became the worthy Sliding damping expert.

Brand Power

With the greatly and rapidly improvement of the brand popularity 
and sales, OPK became one of the greatest sliding system 
manufacturer in the worldwide. What’s more, OPK gained the 
award of “Zhongshan Harmonious Labour Relations of Enterprise”
“HOLIKE Yearly First Rate Quality Supplier” and etc.

Co-creat Glorious

With more than 1000 employees, more than 50000 square meters 
plant area, the sales is always leading in the sliding system 
industry. OPK gained the award of “High and New Technology 
Enterprise”, “Wision Furniture First Rate Quality “and so on. 
Leading the orientation of the development of sliding system 

Keep Going

With the first-class international standard, OPK is pushing the 
upgrade of this industry; reinforcing precision management, 
devoting to spirit of craftsman, sticking to technology innovation, 
constantly strive for excellent. By now, OPK owns hundreds 
of patents which registered in both domestic and overseas, and 
the OPK brand was registered in hundreds of countries. OPK 
constantly bring out super noiseless products, multi-damper system,
automatic system in customized furniture sliding system area, double 
glazed door sliding system area and decoration technical sliding 
system area.

After the

Set up German branch in 2017, global strategy set sail from