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Opak pulley research institute is a scientific research institute under zhongshan opak hardware 
products co., LTD., which is mainly composed of three functional centers: testing center, 
standardization production center and technology development and research center.

In order to adapt to market competition, the response and the urgent need of the country "
strategy with the doctrine of" policy to meet the company long-term development strategy, 
improving the quality of the Opec in, brand building, on the standard of "beyond based on 
national standards, international standards of international vision, and actively with the 
well-known colleges and universities (south China university of technology, guangdong industry 
university) research institutions and industry elite experts in-depth cooperation, to establish 
production base in colleges and universities and graduate workstation.

1. Standard formulation of parts and finished products:

OPK Roller Research Institute


Responsible for the standard making of all parts and finished products, build the whole pulley standard system.

2. Parts testing and finished product testing

Manufacturer incoming material inspection --- must pass through the institute testing 
center test qualified before entering the warehouse, production use.

Product functional test, life test and mute test - the product must be tested by the 
institute before it can be shipped.

3. Research on functional application of materials and accessories

Improve product performance and added value

4. Research on production process and intelligent manufacturing

The intelligent automation of enterprise is promoted to realize the standardization, 
refinement, automation, intelligence and reduction of energy consumption of 
enterprise production and operation process

5. Talent cultivation

Establish and perfect personnel training program. Pulley research institute organizes 
all kinds of learning and training to improve the overall level of the application of 
the standard system to the staff of the research institute and each production link.